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Our concepts

Pasta Krusta

Fresh pasta, prepared before your very eyes in just a few minutes. That in a nutshell is the concept of Pasta Krusta, a bistro born in 2012 from the mind of Italian chef Fulvio, who desired to bring authentic Italian cuisine to Prague. Thanks to his recipes, advice and consistent supervision of our work, we are able to offer you genuine Mediterranean cuisine in all of its simplicity, freshness and playfulness. At Pasta Krusta, you will find fourteen types of salsa which you can combine with seven types of fresh Italian pasta of your choice.


Restaurant Casserol

In the centre of Old Prague, right on the Royal Route in U Kočků House, one of Prague’s oldest preserved houses, you will find a Czech restaurant with the mysterious name of Casserol, a reference to that basic and integral part of every kitchen – the casserole. At Casserol, we uncover the half-forgotten secrets of Czech gastronomy, discover ancient recipes and cooking methods, and bring traditional Czech ingredients back to the plate. All this with the flair of modern destination dining, where the backdrop of the Romanesque hall with elements from the late 12th Century mingles perfectly with progressively plated traditional Czech cuisine.


Artisan Bakery & Restaurant Krusta

Unique combination of an artisanal bakery, restaurant and café.Our bakery production is concentrated in Vodičkova Street, where you can find the very freshest baked goods directly from the hands of our baker. In addition to the shop with bread, pastries, fresh salads and hand-made products, the Krusta concept also includes a restaurant with authentic home cooking and a peaceful café area where you can relax with a cup of premium coffee or enjoy a glass of fine wine with friends.


Bakery in Karlova Street

In addition to the Casserol Czech restaurant, the historical U Kočků House on the Royal Route in Karlova Street also houses one of our bakeries. Restocked several times a day from the Krusta bakery in Vodičkova Street, it offers a cross-section of the bakery’s entire range. Fresh, hand-made bakery goods are supplemented by Old Bohemian Trdlo pastries baked over an outdoor grill. The Trdlo, prepared here according to an original recipe, is the oldest in Prague in the contemporary history of this pastry delight, and is protected under a trademark.



A small bakery located right next to Charles Bridge, just a few steps from the Lesser Quarter bridge tower. The range of hand-made bakery products from the Krusta bakery is complemented by an offer of hot panini, excellent coffee and home-made marmalades. The garden near the bakery invites guests to take a pleasant break and relax while strolling through Old Prague. The outdoor seating area also includes an open grill for the Old Bohemian Trdlo, allowing you to observe this traditional pastry being made or to simply gaze at the romantic view of Charles Bridge.


Bakery in Světozor Passage

Our smallest bakery is located in one of Prague’s liveliest passages, just a few steps from Wenceslas Square. Fresh hand-made bakery goods, supplied several times a day from the nearby Krusta bakery, production of the Old Bohemian Trdlo pastry, fantastic take-away coffee, home-made jams and marmalades, or a proper Czech hotdog with various combinations of rolls and wieners, are among the many good reasons to stop by the window of this bakeshop. You will find us towards the end of the passage near the entrance to the Franciscan Garden.